Monday, August 12, 2013

Media SSH Remote Control with Qt and libssh2

After setting up a media center from an old laptop and building libssh2 library with Visual Studio 2010 it's a time to  go a step further and add a simple remote control for the gnome-mplayer - the  SSH Remote Control with Qt and libssh2.

Gnome-mplayer supports many media formats and is very lightweight - runs smoothly on a low end machines. A nice feature of this player is that it can be controlled remotely via ssh using dbus commands.

Using dbus commands over SSH has many advantages:

  • SSH is secure

  • Can access files and folders

  • Easy to implement (thanks to libssh2 library)

I made a simple Qt project to demonstrate remote control for gnome-mplayer using dbus commands over ssh. The project source code for this Media SSH Remote Control with Qt and libssh2 can be found here.

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