Saturday, February 6, 2010



Oscillo is a simple PC oscilloscope project. The goal is to make an inexpensive digital storage oscilloscope (DSO).

Oscillo - screen shot ver 0.01

Version 0.01



The schematic of the first revision in .pdf format:

oscillo schematic r2


The simple software is written in VC6. The first version communicates with the board via LPT interface, now I want to use USB (FTDI chip).

First version of the software is not completted, and can be downloaded from the SVN repository

If you have any recommendations or coments, please write me a mail.

Version 0.00


Oscillo -Block Diagram Data Flow

As you can see on the block diagram, the idea is quite simple, and the functionality is not so good, but this is a base project. At firs time, my goal is to complete the digital part and to write the PC software.

The source code for this project can be found on

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